Welcome to Tappy Toes

Tappy Toes run active dance and movement classes for children aged 3 months to 5 years. We started with our Tappy Toes classes for ages 20 months to 4.5 years and have since expanded to include Teeny Toes and Tip Toes classes.


TEENY TOES is our new Baby class. Suitable for 3 months and up. This class introduces your little ones to movement and music from around the world.

TIP TOES is our Baby Ballet class which follows on from Tappy Toes and introduces your 3-5 year olds to the world of ballet in a fun and imaginative way. Please email Claire@tappytoes.com for information about these new classes....

TAPPY TOES- Boy or Girl, Tappy Toes toddler dance classes will greatly improve your child's coordination, motor skills and social skills, as well as challenge their imagination and creativity.

Tappy Toes Netmums Winner 2012

Parents are encouraged to join in, however, they will be amazed at how enveloped the child becomes after a few classes. It is a fantastic opportunity to mix with different personalities and a great way for particularly shy and timid children to really open up!

Tappy Toes toddler dance classes are high energy and active dance classes for boys and girls aged 3 months to 5 years.