• Dancing and the BRAIN!

    Want to encourage your little one to be more active? Yes toddlers are basically on the go ALL day long, but introducing them at an early age to a hobby like dancing is likely to help them build healthy habits for life! You won’t need to stress about your teenager lying on his or  her bed playing games or chatting on social media all day if they are into dance. They will be too busy at their dance classes perfecting their moves and interacting with other like minded students in person instead!! 

    We all know that dancing is beneficial to our bodies in terms of exercise, but a study at Harvard University says it’s more than that. Have a look at their findings here 

    If this doesn’t encourage you to take up dancing, or at the very least get your little one into it from an early age, then nothing will! Basically it’s good for you in every way, PLUS it’s great fun! If you’re inspired to start dancing after the reading this, come along with your little one to a Tappy Toes class. I promise Mums and Dads we’ll have you boogying along with them 😉 

    If you live in the Hertfordshire area we have classes for adults in ballet, modern, tap and street dance too, so why not check out www.rise-studios.com and take up a class yourself? 

    posted in April 17 ,2017

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Love love LOVE my little Tappy Toers today!! They are such a pleasure to teach 😍😍 ...

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Fantastic class today at Epping Sports Centre! Even the little brothers and sisters were joining in with us 😍 #toddlerdance #epping #tutus! ...

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Only a couple of spaces left for the new Tappy Toes class at Epping Sports centre tomorrow at 2pm. Email claire@tappytoes.com if you want to join us! ...

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Don't forget there are NO classes running in Watford today due to the bank holiday! Have a lovely day 😊 ...

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