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find our Dance classes & parties

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Which class is right for my child?

Tappy Toes now offers live online streamed toddler dance classes, as well as our in studio classes!

Boy or Girl, Tappy Toes toddler dance classes have many benefits for your child. Our children's dance classes will support your child's early years development. Improve your child's; coordination, motor skills and social skills. Tappy Toes will challenge their imagination, creativity, musicality and rhythm. Now available LIVE online and in studio!! 

Our classes are suitable for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers from age 6 months and up.

Please note all classes incur a one-off £10 registration fee, payable after your three week trial, when you enrol for the term. This includes your Tappy Toes t-shirt. 


Our baby classes are for children aged 6-18 months. It's a great time to introduce babies to the world of music and dance and supports their early development. We use a variety of sensory props to engage them, including; glow balls, bells, scarves, pom-poms, ribbons and feathers. We sing nursery rhymes, boogie along to pop music, listen to a variety of world music. It is a fantastic class to bond with baby and help their coordination with clapping, waving, reaching for props and so much more! (All props are sanitised before and after each use, or you can purchase your own props bag). 


This class is designed for children aged 18 months all the way up to 4 years. Classes may be split (18 months to 2.5 years and Over 2.5 to 4). It is very much a parent/carer participation class and supports early years development. However, you will notice older dancers become increasingly independent as the term goes on. We do a fun warm-up (teaching the children body awareness and stretching). Songs with actions, travelling steps (walking on tip toes, marching, galloping, twirling), and finish off with our imagination section, keeping your little ones thoroughly enthralled throughout!


Our Baby Ballet class follows on from Tots Toes. We introduce your 3-5 year old to the world of ballet, in a fun and imaginative way. This is not your typical 'stand in a line and follow the teacher' ballet class. Tip Toes makes ballet fun, with the use of imagary and props. We use a wide variety of music, from Classical, to Broadway and everything in between. We teach all the basics of ballet including; plies (Knee bends), tendus (Pointing toes), skipping, twirling, galloping and rises. We have some beautiful props- tiaras/ crowns, wands, ribbon rings and scarves. Classes for older children are available in Hertfordshire at

– All Tappy Toes children's dance classes have been created in accordance with the EYFS guidelines. –

Designed to support your little ones early development.

Online and in Person dance classes- Bookable NOW!

If you don't see a class in your area, why not find out about our franchise opportunities