Coping in Lockdown- Be Kind…

From Behind The Clouds

How are you coping in lockdown? As we slowly come out the other side of the cloud, step by step, day by day, we are all wondering what this next ‘stage’ will mean.  Everything is unknown, everything seems uncertain and many of us have all sorts emotions about what has been, or what is yet to come.

Living the unknown, day by day, has been interesting for a planner like me!  I like diaries, post-its, planners and structure in my week, but like so many others, that has been obliterated. Anxieties may be high for some as we move towards, what we hope will be, the rainbow.

Searching for our Rainbows

Coping in lockdown

I have never really liked the word ‘normal’ because none of us really know what it is.  And surely ‘normal’ changes over time anyway? Is it the ‘most common’?  It is something that is ‘expected’?  Who knows!  What is ‘normal’ to one person, isn’t to another. It would make more sense to say ‘your normal’- what your schedule is and what is usual in your household! One thing is for sure, I think whatever your ‘normal’ was, it will not be the same again for a while. We are all hoping and searching for something less gloomy, so whilst we all try to adapt, let’s give ourselves a break and be kind.

We want to get to the rainbow, but we need to take it slowly and figure out how we can get there safely. How we will make it work for us and our families. Our rainbows might be quite different shades now. There will be different ways of getting there too, but this is all ok.

Just surviving is enough!

It is easy to think ‘what have I done with this time?’ We don’t need to have redecorated the whole house, written a thesis or built a tree house!  Just surviving and keeping each other safe is good enough. Our mental health needs to take priority at this time! Worlds have been turned upside-down by the virus, and although we all try and plod on in the best way we can, there is no right or wrong.  Everyone is working hard at keeping their families safe in the best way they can- that’s what the majority of us have in common!   We don’t need pressure, we don’t need to judge, we just need to support.

Let’s be Kind. Some clouds move more slowly.

Be kind

As we move forwards, we should be aware that the stress and hard times will last much longer for some. Coping in lockdown will be harder for some than others.

People have lost loves ones, some may still be ill. Financial and employment worries won’t disappear overnight.

Some people may have been going through the most stressful time of their lives financially as they try to hold onto their jobs and homes.

Some may have been scared to go out for fear of getting ill and feel very lonely. Some may have been in agony for months waiting for the trip to the dentist that they cannot get.

Some may be terrified of sending their little ones back to schools or nurseries. Some may be exhausted from looking after children, home-schooling and working full time, all at the same time.  Some may have found continuing to work throughout this time scary and stressful.  The list goes on.

There is only one thing that will help us all going forward… not judging and being kind. Just being aware that all these things are happening to people and all these feelings are ok.

We can stand together and support each other!

By Tiffany Matthews.

If you need support please go to Mind.Org

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