Toddler Dance Classes in Forest Hill

Alex Turner- Tappy Toes Forest Hill

Toddler dance classes are coming to Forest Hill

When I was young my favourite story was The Ugly Duckling. The ending when the ugly duckling turned into the graceful swan resonated with me. I felt like that duckling – awkward and uncomfortable in my own body. Clinging to the hope that one day I would turn into a swan. I was very shy and, after a few house moves to different areas, I felt unsettled and had a hard time adjusting.

Dance Classes

Fortunately, my parents signed me up for dance classes. I took to these like a duck(ling) to water. I did tap, modern and ballet and loved it all. I may not have had the neatest bun (Miss Perry was always chasing after me with hairspray) but I connected with the music and found a way to express myself physically! I made friends and really blossomed.

Alex Ballerina

Performing became my chosen career. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been able to find something that I love and that gave me the confidence to help me through those difficult early years. Fast forward to now and I’m a mother watching my growing child learn to walk and discover the world!

The Arts

I’ve become a passionate advocate for giving children a chance to learn about dance and physical movement. Schools so often prioritise traditional academic subjects over the Arts. I don’t understand why, as there are so many benefits to art forms like dance. Not just physically, but mentally too!

The younger you get kids moving to music the better, as it teaches them so much. This is why I love Tappy Toes so much and am very proud to be running Tappy Toes Forest Hill and SE London.

Toddler Dance Forest Hill

Alex FamilyI first lived in Forest Hill 14 years ago as a young performer. I loved the area as it was packed full of beautiful green, open spaces and had a wonderful sense of community. As a Londoner born and raised, when I moved away to go on tour, I promised myself that if I ever settled down to start a family I would come back to South East London. Without planning it, that is what has happened!

I’ve been back for two years now, living in Honor Oak Park and it just feels like home. We got married in the area and our son, who is now 14 months old, was born down the road in King’s. What’s more I know everyone on our street; I mean when does that ever happen in London?


I am now focused on the younger members of our community – the babies ,toddlers and pre- schoolers of Forest Hill, Brockley, Peckham and Dulwich. I can’t wait to get them all moving. It’s been a tough challenge to raise a child during a pandemic, so to all parents, I salute you and hope my Tappy Toes Forest Hill classes will instil a love of dance, music and movement in your little dancers. it might just tire them out a little bit for you too!


toddler dance forest hillBy Alex Turner

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