Launch a Dance Franchise during Lockdown!?

Keep Calm and Open a Franchise!

Coronavirus has not stopped us at children’s dance franchise, Tappy Toes. Quite the opposite! Stacie Brook has just launched her new Tappy Toes childrens dance franchise business during the lockdown. Yes, that’s right, she has actually decided to launch her dance franchise while everyone else is being furloughed or made redundant… and you know what? She is doing brilliantly! She has regular attendance at her online live streamed classes, and once we are all released from lockdown she will continue to build up her classes and have a viable franchise business. You can book a dance class with Stacie here

Imagine that? Creating a business during a time of national crisis!? She has been able to do that with the back-up and support that comes with being part of a Tappy Toes franchise…. And you can too!

Children's Dance Franchisee

How Did She Do It?

Here’s how she did it…

‘I had just finished my Tappy Toes training when Coronavirus hit. I was absolutely gutted to think that after all my hard work, I wouldn’t be able to open. Claire, the owner of Tappy Toes, immediately put forward a plan for all franchisees to continue running their children’s dance classes live online. They literally closed their doors one day, and were up and running online the next day. We discussed my classes, and decided there was no reason why I couldn’t do the same! So, we set about advertising my online toddler dance classes, and sure enough the interest came in thick and fast! I can’t believe I have managed to get my new franchise business off the ground at a time when everything is shut down! It’s like the world stopped, but Tappy Toes just kept on dancing!


Moving Online

Claire Munday, CEO of Tappy Toes children’s dance franchise, said ‘ I made the decision to take all  the franchisees classes online, so they could keep their income during the pandemic. We looked at various options and decided that live streaming via zoom, would give our customers the best experience.  Of course, we have been hit in some ways. A lot of our nurseries closed, so classes couldn’t continue there, but now even some of those are having a weekly streamed dance classes for their little ones.

We have managed to reach a much wider audience, as our classes are now accessible to anyone with internet access! It’s been amazing to see so many new faces at a time when so many businesses have sadly had to close. We are so grateful for the technology that has allowed us to stay in business at this time! We can’t wait to get back into the studio with our dance classes, but this situation really made us think outside the box and figure out how to provide value to our dance students during the lockdown. I am so proud of all the franchisees and they way they have adapted from physical classes to an online business in a matter of days!’

Dance Franchise

Work/Life Balance

Has the lockdown made you question your previous life and job? Were you working too hard? Commuting for hours? Missing out on valuable time with your loved ones? Perhaps you are now looking for something a little more FUN and a LOT less stressful??

We get it! This pandemic has made everyone stop and think, and SLOW down a bit! At Tappy Toes children’s dance franchise, we are all about creating that perfect work/ life balance. We want to be able to spend quality time with our families, while still earning an income.

A Tappy Toes children’s dance franchise provides you with your own business. You are in control of it, with full support and back up from those of us who have already been there, done it and got the t-shirt! This means you won’t make any of the mistakes that we made when setting up. You’ll be on your way to building a successful business and getting your life back, in just a few weeks!

If you are energetic, excited about owning your own business and love working with children, a Tappy Toes children’s dance franchise could be perfect for you. Now, let’s not pretend it’s easy to launch a new business at this time, but with the right mind set and our un-wavering support, it is absolutely possible!

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