Online Dance Classes for your little ones!

Online Dance Classes with Tappy Toes!

It feels like we have a long and difficult road ahead of us doesn’t it? We need to make sure we keep active and keep morale up at this difficult time. At Tappy Toes we know how important mental health is. Dance is proven to release those happy endorphins. We WON’T be stopped by this Coronavirus!

Tappy Toes is moving to online streaming, and your wonderful regular Tappy Toes teachers will still be providing the fun and energetic classes that you and your little ones have come to love.

The Benefits of Tappy Toes

  1. Keep active– We’ll help with 30 minutes of action packed movement
  2. Entertain the little ones– Don’t get bored at home!
  3. Normality– Your child needs SOME sense of routine during this crisis.
  4. Learning and Development– Our classes follow the EYFS framework and will support your child’s learning development with you at home.

You will have access to all our live classes for the next two weeks, if you are currently registered with us. You will receive full details of how to log in via email very soon.

New Dancers Welcome

If you are new to us, we’d love to welcome you too! You can book your classes by clicking the map pin closest to you on our home page. This way you will meet your local Tappy Toes teacher, and once normality resumes, you will be able to dance with her in person.


We hope you will continue to support us at this difficult time. All our franchisees are self-employed, small business owners, so your support is vital to us all.

If you would love to support us but just don’t have the funds available to you at this time, please contact at head office, and we will try to help. We want everyone to experience the JOY of a Tappy Toes class, so please tell us if you are struggling during this crisis.


For more information on Coronavirus please read a trusted source, and not just things on Facebook!