Look after your bubble – Get Active!

Look After Your Bubble

Bubble is family. Everyone has a ‘Bubble’ whether it is your home, partner or children!
Covid-19 has caused a massive disruption to our day to day lives but a lot of people have said they have appreciated the time they have been able to spend with their bubble without the regular distractions of life. We have come up with a few ideas for you and your bubble to keep active while we all have to remain social distancing. In today’s world, we all need to ‘look after our bubble’

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Get out and be active!

When you are out for exercise, it would be a great idea with younger children to spot all the rainbows in the windows. Seeing who can count the most before you get back home. Perhaps, it would be more fun to play I Spy or create your own story from things you can see in people’s gardens or window sills.

Something Different

Are you wanting to do something different, that not only you, but your neighbours can also enjoy? Get out on the street with some chalk and create your own sensory activity. Make sure you get the kids to help with this, writing instructions and drawing lines, spots and spirals across the pavement or the road for everyone to follow. Be as creative as you like when adding your own instruction, how about drawing in a freestyle dance box? What’s great about this activity is that once the rain has washed it away, you can get back out there and create a brand new sensory activity.

Need a Challenge?

Have you got kids looking for a challenge that will last longer than 5 minutes? We recommend setting up a scavenger hunt with clues. You can use any space you want, but make sure you include some time outside. Make it as difficult or as easy as you want it to be for your children. Perhaps you can decide on a reward for completing the task, such as gadget time or their favourite snack.

get out get active

Look After your bubble

Family insurance can help protect your bubble. Should anything happen to you or a family member, you may not just lose a loved one but you would also lose their income. Would you be able to live the life you are used to without their financial support?

There are comparison sites and brokers that you can go to. However, if you want a friendly chat to explain your options CoverMyBubble offers free advice and quotes to help protect your bubble.

Why do we do what we do?

We have always referred to our family as ‘My Bubble’.

We have our own story to tell, relating to not having any insurance in place. We lost our daughter Lillie-Beth in 2006. It’s hard enough losing someone, but to suffer the financial burden makes things 10 times harder and can make it last longer than it should.

Due to our personal experiences, it’s important to us that we cover as many Bubbles as possible. We don’t want any other families to be in the same situation as we were, for doing something that only takes 10 minutes. This is why our family do what we do!

Guest Blog By Cover My Bubble

Get your Bubble active by joining us in a dance class!