The Benefits of an Online Pre-School Dance Class

Why Choose an Online Dance Class?

Have you ever wondered what’s the best age for your child to start dance class? Well, at Tappy Toes, we believe that a child is never too young to start dancing! During this lockdown, this can STILL be done, live and ONLINE! Dancing online helps them develop so many important skills! Putting your 2 or 3 year old child in an online dance class will benefit them in many ways. Dance allows them to establish better social skills. It aids physical development and cognitive thinking, and helps use up some of that boundless energy! This age range is a great time to expose a child to dancing! We have a variety of structured online dance classes to choose from that will match your child’s specific age. Who knew something as fun as dancing online could have such a significant role in children’s early development! Let us tell you about some of the benefits of an online Pre-school dance class…

Social Skills

Social skills can sometimes be difficult for children to learn. Dance class allows kids to break out of their shell and let loose with other kids their age. In order to teach a child how to appropriately play with other kids, they must be exposed to instructions and teamwork settings early on. Dance classes can teach your child patience and listening skills, as they must follow instructions from their teacher. Dance classes for 3 year olds provide them the opportunity to be able to talk and interact with other kids and teachers. These essential life skills can be developed now from dance classes, and be applied throughout their life! This is still very apparent during our live zoom sessions. These online dance classes still allow for interaction between the teacher and the dancers.

Toddler dance class online

Physical Development

Trying to get a toddler to settle down is nearly impossible! This age group seems to always be bouncing off the walls. Whether it’s street dance, ballet, tap, or jazz, dancing has always been a great way for children to get moving and stay active. It allows them to channel their energy on something specific whilst having lots of fun! Online dance classes, such as a Tappy Toes dance class, help with the development of coordination, strength, movement, and balance. Our online dance classes for this specific age group use different movements that combine multiple muscle groups at the same time. Tappy Toes Dance classes for 2 year olds use a mixture of ballet, modern, jazz and street dance to best benefit the development of your little dancer! The best thing is, you can join in from the comfort of your own home, live and interactive via zoom!


Cognitive Development

Your child is now beginning to understand the idea of instructions and rules. Cognitive development allows your child to respond to instructions or rules and then act on them. Many children within this age group have a hard time understanding this notion. Let’s face it, sometimes us adults do too! Therefore, dance classes for 1, 2 and 3 year olds requires a different style of learning compared to older children.

Online Toddler Dance ClassOur dance teachers specialise in early development, and are able to connect dancing to common knowledge and life skills, using lots of imagery. For example, we will use our legs as a ‘crocodile mouth’ during a dance stretch, and close them together to see what we can catch! This allows the children to understand basic skills while having fun! This concept may be common to us, but this age group is just beginning to develop these everyday life skills! There is no better way for kids to mature and grow than by dancing and having a blast!

Dance Online

At Tappy Toes dance, we offer a fun and creative learning environment in which your 2-3 year olds can start developing essential life skills. As a teacher and the founder of the Tappy Toes toddler dance classes, I can say without a doubt that my dancers never cease to amaze me. At the rate their minds are growing and expanding, this is a prime time for them to start learning dance and developing the motor and coordination skills that dance teaches! During this lockdown, all of this can still be achieved online. It is a fantastic alternative to an in person class. 2 and 3 year olds are very versatile and you’d be surprised at the vast amounts of knowledge that they can absorb! Seeing their teacher online, might seem alien the first time, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly they adapt to this temporary reality!

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