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My name is Samantha Robinson, but I prefer Sammy. I am a 30-something mum of 2 boys and wife to Marc.

Sammy Robinson

Growing up in the Norfolk countryside, I had a childhood full of dancing, drama and creative experiences. I went to a high school with a specialism in performing arts, where I took every opportunity I could to sing, act and dance!

I went to Essex University and made some incredible friends (still in my life today) and my husband. After graduation and trying to go back to country life I moved down south and settled in Hornchurch. Having worked in the city for a year, I found it much too serious. Feeling very unfulfilled, I decided to work in schools.

I knew I could make a difference in the lives of little one’s and have a blast whilst doing it through simple interactions and lots of play! I started working as a Teaching Assistant before getting my PGCE. From there, I found my niche in Early Years. I love it! There is something very special about watching young children grow, develop, learn and challenge everything! I can’t say I even mind the constant asking “why?”! Fast forward a few years and our boys arrived to add complete chaotic magic to our lives, first Rory and then Oscar.

Sammy Robinson Tappy Toes

As a family we love music and dancing, we regularly have a kitchen disco introducing the boys to some classics like ‘September’ -Earth, Wind & Fire (Marc’s choice) or ‘Spice Up Your Life’ (My choice) and of course adding in some of the boys favourites ‘You’re Welcome’ from Moana (Rory’s choice) or ‘Baby Shark’ (Oscar’s choice).

Singing and Dancing

If we’re not dancing, then we’re singing or we’re out and about being active somewhere, the eternal struggle to tire out the kids!

Dancing has always held an important role in my life from watching classical ballet to stomp! The chance to lose yourself in movement and music feels amazing and will always bring a smile to my face. There is something very special in watching my sons faces light up and hearing them giggle when we’re jumping and dancing around together. I hope I have passed on my love of music and movement to them!

Rory wasn’t the biggest fan of music and dancing as a baby. It was only when he turned 3 and discovered Halloween songs on the internet, that he began to ask to sing and dance. Oscar has been wriggling and waving his arms to music as soon as he could as a little baby. He would wave and laugh to music and my singing (which I always take as a compliment)! Now as a 2yr old, as soon as he hears music he wants to dance and I’m excited for him to have the opportunity to come to a Tappy Toes class with me too!

So why Tappy Toes?

I stumbled upon Tappy Toes in the middle of a sleepless night with my youngest and it caught my imagination. The chance to combine two things I love- teaching young children and dance. I researched if there were any other classes like this available in Upminster or Hornchurch and couldn’t see what I was looking for. I struggled to find movement and dance classes for pre-school ages that didn’t look very serious or based in a classical curriculum style. Trying to picture Oscar joining in and having fun, I couldn’t. So, I took the plunge and emailed Claire.

The rest is history! Having visited different Tappy Toes classes and seen how much fun and positivity happens I knew I had made the best decision! I could still spend time teaching and interacting with the age-group that I love, but now I could fully immerse myself in the world of Dance too!

Baby and Toddler Dance Classes in Hornchurch, Brentwood and Upminster

I am so excited to meet the little ones (and their grown-ups) in my classes in Brentwood, Hornchurch and Upminster. The list of benefits of Tappy Toes go on and on. It includes social skills and building their imaginations. Co-ordination and posture. Rhythm and musicality. It’s the perfect chance to spend 30 mins having fun and being active with your child. Not to mention watching them have bucket loads of fun!

Toddler dance classes Hornchurch

You can see my full timetable and book your baby or toddler dance trial class here.