Baby Classes

Baby classes

Are you looking for something new to do with your baby? I’ll bet you haven’t considered a baby dance class? Perhaps baby sensory, messy play or baby music classes? But, baby dance classes don’t immediately spring to mind right? Did you even know a baby class like that existed?

Baby Classes

Award winning toddler dance class, Tappy Toes, has expanded its toddler dance classes and created a fun and engaging baby class. We are predominantly a dance class but our baby classes are full of sensory props, disco lights, bubbles and fun and funky music! Think baby sensory with extra wiggling.

Our baby classes are a great way to bond with your baby and have a little boogie yourself. We promise we won’t embarrass you and make you dance by yourself, we’ll get the whole class up and moving, which will release endorphins and help make you and baby feel great!

Baby Dance Classes

Our baby dance classes change every three/ four weeks. This means your baby will start to recognise the music/ songs, but you won’t get bored doing the same thing for weeks on end. We keep some of the music the same for familiarity, but the bulk of the lesson plan changes every few weeks.

We have an array of fun, sensory props including glow balls, foam light up batons, various puppets, ribbons, lots of different musical instruments and let’s not forget those bubbles.

Baby sensory classes
Baby Development

We encourage baby development including waving, clapping, pointing, blowing kisses! You’ll see baby bopping along to the music, swaying, wiggling and starting to socialise with  the other babies in the class. It really is a joy to see.

We understand that you’ll want to test out this new class before committing  fully, so we offer a three week trial period, so you can get a real sense of how the class will work for your baby. We believe that you need more than just one drop in session as a trial, because it takes a few lessons for baby to settle in and feel comfortable in the new surroundings, with lots of new faces and a structured class.

The Benefits of Dancing

Dancing has been proven to have a positive effect on the brain. It has benefits for both the mind and the body, and starting your child early in a class like this may help them develop a love for this healthy hobby for an early age that they’ll carry through to their teenage years. I’m sure we’d all prefer our teenager to spend an hour dancing instead of on their devices! Am I right?

In Summary

So, baby dancing it is then! Join us for a three week trial and see the benefits of a baby dance class in action! We are confident you’ll notice leaps in your child’s development after just a few dance classes at Tappy Toes

Classes for Babies