Covid Safe Return to Classes

Covid safe classes

Guidance for Parents and Children Regarding Covid

What Happens When We Return?

This document has been created to ensure that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them when attending a Covid safe class at Tappy Toes. Systems may vary slightly depending upon the venue you are attending, but the basics are the same.

Please read this carefully as the safe running of all our classes will be dependent on our dance families’ cooperation.

Will Dance Still Be Fun? 

Our primary concern in restarting our classes is the safety of you and your children. However, maintaining the ethos of FUN behind our Tappy Toes classes is a very close second, and we want to reassure you that even though we have had to make some changes to the way we do things, our classes will still hold our core values of nurturing, inspiring and helping your child to achieve and develop through dance. We have thought very carefully about how we can deliver our lessons safely, with no contact between children and teachers and minimal sharing of props or equipment, while maintaining the fun and creative elements of all Tappy Toes classes.

What happens when I arrive for class?

The most important thing when attending your Tappy Toes class is punctuality. In order to ensure no cross over of families we need everyone to arrive and leave on time. Your prompt departure at the end of class is really appreciated as we want to minimise any contact with the next class arriving, so please be mindful of this.

Please do not come to the door until your allocated class time, as your teacher may be seeing the previous class out. We ask that if you have come by car you wait in your car until your class time. If you are on foot, please try to time your journey so that you arrive promptly, but if you do have to wait, please ensure a 2-metre distance between yourselves and anyone else who is waiting.

Teachers will be there to greet you at the main entrance and take you to the studio.

There will be a clear one-way system in and out of each of our venues. Everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands upon arrival, please explain this to your little one before arriving.

What Happens Next?

Your child will need to come dressed ready for dance, there will be no changing area available. Please ensure your child has been to the toilet before attending class. Windows will be open for ventilation, so you may wish to wear an extra layer!

Once in the dance studio there will be spot markers on the floor- over 2 metres apart. You will be allocated a spot to stand on. We will do everything we can to avoid children coming into contact with each other, but we understand that for some of our little dancers this may be difficult. We don’t want classes to become military and un-enjoyable for our students, so we cannot guarantee to keep them 2 metres apart at all times. If you could do your best to keep them near to you, that will help, and please keep yourself 2 metres from the other adults in the class at all times.

Face Masks

All adults must wear a face covering when entering and leaving the building. Masks may be removed and visors worn for the class, once on your dance spot, as it is important (especially for babies) that your facial expressions can be seen.

What If My Child Has Symptoms Of Covid?

We ask that you remain vigilant and look out for any Covid symptoms. Any child (or adult) displaying ANY symptoms of coronavirus MUST NOT attend classes. We would advise you to get tested asap, and quarantine as per the Government Guidelines. If any student tests positive for Covid 19 we ask that you notify us immediately so that we can ensure anyone that may have come into contact with the student is contacted via track and trace. We will never disclose names of students who test positive when contacting others. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund for missed classes due to quarantining.

What If a Teacher Has Covid Symptoms?

If any of the Tappy Toes faculty display Covid symptoms they will not attend the class. In this instance you will be notified as soon as possible and a cover teacher may be provided. If they are unable to secure a cover teacher, classes will be cancelled and make-up classes will be scheduled when possible. Where a make-up session is unable to take place, you will receive a credit for cancelled classes on your account for use against future invoices, but will not be entitled to a refund.

What If My Child Hurts Themselves in Class?

All of our venues have a first aid kit and PPE equipment. If your child falls or injures themselves in class, you will need to assist them, as teachers will be unable to. If a child or adult shows any symptoms of Covid while attending class you will be asked to leave immediately.

Cleaning Between Classes

High touch surfaces like door handles will be wiped down after each class with an antiseptic spray. There may not be any chairs available to use depending on your venue, but any chairs that are used will be sanitised afterwards, before the next class. We advise purchasing your personal props kit for use in class (just ask your teacher). If any props are shared they will be sanitised after use.


We are so excited to dance with you in person again, and we hope that these guidelines will reassure you that we are taking your safety very seriously and doing everything we can to ensure a Covid safe environment.

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