How Does Dance Make You Feel?

How do I feel when I dance?

It’s the question people often ask…How does dance make you feel? Mmmm, you think…happy, excited, energised, tired, sore, elated, the list goes on. But for me nothing beats the feeling of dancing! The soreness of your muscles after a class, the bruised feet from floor work, the energised feeling when you think you could dance a routine again and again with even more power!  Dance just gets hold of you inside and makes you feel everything and nothing all at the same time.

Ballet Dancers

Some dances are calm and relaxing. You use your breath and feel every bit of your tense body relax. Others make you feel emotional as you reflect on what you’re dancing about. Some make you laugh as you prowl about the space pretending to move around like every animal from the jungle! A dance class could be a mix of emotions and that’s what I think is so great about it.

Little monsters

For me, however, the most noticeable bit is when I stop dancing. The moment the music stops and I come to rest…I’m back, as me, as the teacher, the dancer, the Mummy with the endless to do list! I just don’t think about those things when I’m dancing. I’m somewhere else, I’m free. It’s like I don’t think about ‘life’ the whole time I’m moving and can forget everything. An enormous feeling of freedom and release away from everyone and everything. It is fantastic!



Dance allows you to express yourself, to escape, to be someone else, to be somewhere else and you don’t have to share those feelings with anyone. Your body is your instrument to express yourself in any way you want. So, be happy, be free, be calm, be excited…Give it a go as only you will know!

By Tiffany Matthews.

Owner of Tappy Toes, Fareham.

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