Why Buy a Franchise?

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Why Buy a Franchise?

Are you considering a career change? Or starting up a business on your own? Here’s why buying into a franchise rather than starting from scratch can REALLY help your new business succeed!

  • Established Brand Image

Starting any business (even a franchise) is always going to be hard work. Things don’t just happen overnight. Think of a franchise as a ‘leg up’. Buying into a franchise brand means there is already a brand awareness out there. There is a history. A track record. Customer reviews. A website! All of these things can take years to build up, but buying into the right franchise means you’re already part way there. Ok, you may be starting in a brand new area… but a GOOD franchisor will start working on the central website from day one, adding in meta tags and data to ensure that your area will now be found for the relevant search terms. Creating a good, professional website for your business and having it optimised for your search terms, can cost thousands of pounds. With a franchise, this is already done for you.

  • Proven Marketing and Advertising Strategy.

A franchisor will have spent many years figuring out what type of advertising works for their product or service. This means that you won’t have to waste money on advertising methods that just don’t work for your type of business. Your franchisor will already have done that, and will know EXACTLY where you need to advertise to get your new branch off the ground.

  • Training and Ongoing Support

So, you know you want to work for yourself, but where do you start? There is no training manual for someone just wanting to start up on their own. Joining a franchise gives you access to the companies Operations Manual. This details EVERYTHING you need to do to get your business up and running. There is no better training programme out there specifically tailored to your needs than that of a franchisor training up a new franchisee! A good franchisor’s training programme will be bespoke to the new franchisee. Yes, there will be certain systems and processes that you’ll need to learn, but your franchisor will work out your strengths and weaknesses to ensure that the training and support they give you suits YOU! Remember, they’ve done this before… several times!

  • Access to Cost Effective Inventory and Equipment

Often a franchise has buying power. When you’re a one-man band starting up on your own, how will you negotiate a better monthly rate for your CRM system, or the merchandise you want to stock? Being a part of a franchise means getting access to discounts on products or services due to sheer volume.

  • A Supportive Network

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely business. Being part of a franchise, is anything but! You’ll have a network of like-minded, passionate, ambitious people, who all have the same goal- Making the franchise a success. At Tappy Toes we are proud of the culture we’ve created between franchisees. This was extremely evident during the Covid pandemic, as franchisees rallied round, sharing tips, ideas, even pre-recorded lessons with each other. It really was a joy to be a part of.

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To find out more about joining our Tappy Toes family, please read through our prospectus at tappytoes.com/franchise and then book in a video call with CEO, Claire Munday, at Calendly.com/tappytoes