Toddler Dance Classes coming to Kent!

Baby and Toddler Dance Classes Kent

Hi! I’m Hayley and I am really excited to be bringing Tappy Toes to Northwest Kent.

Hayley Family

About Me

I live in New Ash Green in Kent with my husband and my 4 boys aged between 11 and 4.

We love spending time outside, exploring all the surrounding villages; Hartley, Meopham, Culverstone and visiting all the local country parks.

Having 4 boys has certainly kept me on my Tappy Toes! Particularly with my youngest two being twins-that was a shock and a whirlwind! My boys are my world and they are all so very different but great friends-most of the time.

A Local Family

We’re a local family. My eldest son recently started school in Meopham. Two of my boys go to school in Hartley. The other attends a school in New Ash Green.

Since my youngest two started school, I have felt a little lost and been searching for something to fill the void! Low and behold, Tappy Toes caught my eye. So, in the crazy world of lockdown and home schooling that COVID 19 threw us into, I decided that I clearly didn’t have enough to do, home schooling 4 boys (one with special needs too), and I joined the Tappy Toes Team!

Baby and Toddler Dance Classes

I have always loved dancing. I attended ballet, tap & modern classes in my childhood. Dancing was always something I loved to watch on the television. I’d try to copy the routines at home in the front room. During my young adult life, I was often found throwing some shapes on the club dance floors! More recently I enjoy trying to distract my children from their toys by dancing around the house, much to their dismay. 🙂

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As my boys are not really interested in dancing, (they’d rather be out riding bikes, or climbing trees in Hartley woods and exploring places like Trosley Country park), I decided that it would be more enjoyable and rewarding to dance with children that want to dance and enjoy it! So, what better way than to run some fun-filled dance classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The children are so enthusiastic, full of energy and imagination and have no inhibitions at this age.


I’m also really pleased that I’m going to be able to work locally without having long commutes taking me away from the lovely area that I live in. I can do it around my boys school hours, so that it doesn’t affect their life at all. I can still be there for my family and also give Tappy Toes classes my full energy and attention by working in lovely local village halls.

Hartley, Fawkham, New Ash Green and Culverstone

I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of fantastic little boys and girls. Dancing with them and unlocking their little imaginations to see what adventures we can go on together in our fantastic Tappy Toes dance classes. Lots of people say never work with children or animals, but I can’t think of a better age group to work with as they are so full of life and imagination.

My feet are itching to get moving and I’m super excited to be getting my wiggle on with classes coming to; Hartley, Fawkham, New Ash Green and Culverstone, Kent.

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Thanks for reading!

Hayley Cristi x